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Online Assessment

We provide a wide range of free online based self-assessments. Once each questionnaire is complete, a report will be automatically generated and displayed in My Account.

GoCarer Online Assessment

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Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)

The SDQ is a brief screening questionnaire for children between 3 and 18 years old. It is widely used in various settings to identify difficulties in emotion, behavioural, attentional and social context. GoCarer uses the SDQ as a measure to keep track of the progress of your child and assess the effectiveness of intervention strategies.

Autism Parenting Stress Index (APSI)

Higher level of parenting stress have been found in parents of children with autism than in other disabilities (Estes et al., 2009). This is due to challenges imposed by behavioural and physical symptoms, as well as core symptoms in autism. GoCarer aims to support not only children with autism, but also parents and families who are taking care of the child. The APSI is used to identify areas where parents need support, and to assess the effect of interventions on parenting stress.

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What People Say

"For the first time since starting our autism journey I feel supported. Amazing team of people, I am so pleased to have found them."

- Lauren -

"As a member of staff I found it really interesting how you got young people to take part and how you managed to settle young people in and how you reacted to individual needs!"

- Sonia -

"All was good. Young people did work they normally would not take part in."

- Dianne -

"My child really enjoys coming to the workshops, GoCarer provides a wide range of good activities that capture interests for all the children. The workshops have been really beneficial to my child as it’s given them the opportunity to build confidence interacting with unfamiliar adults and develop social skills to help them work with other children of different ages. These workshops have also helped my child to feel much more relaxed after finishing school, and they’re much happier."

- Parent 1 -

"My son has a fantastic time at the workshops, and really enjoys the craft activities available to him. These workshops allow him to really show his creative side, and gives him the chance to work with different people in a different environment to the classroom, and this has helped him to feel a lot more comfortable at school. Every week he’s really looking forward to coming to the workshop and it’s had a noticeable benefit to his mood when he comes home after the workshops."

- Parent 2 -

"We really enjoy coming to the workshops each week. The staff are very approachable and very friendly. They provide lots of arts and crafts as well as sensory play. My child really enjoys taking part and loves coming to the workshops after school."

- Parent 3 -

"My child loves your sessions so much. The space to be free to create and explore their ideas is so wonderful. A session for all children!"

- Parent 4 -

"We love these sessions! It's the first time my son has asked if 'his thing' is on, and the first time ever he's been interested in coming along to something. He interacts so well with the children in the group, and it's really helped him socialise."

- Parent 5 -

"Amber was great with the children. She understood the children’s needs and the children enjoy and felt comfortable and confident with her. Sensory activities were enjoyed by the children."

- Parent 6 -

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