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Pivotal Response Treatment Therapy Programme

Building happier, healthier, and more independent lives for children on the autism spectrum.

How does GoCarer's PRT programme work?

Our PRT programme is suitable for London based families with any children on the autism spectrum, or with developmental delays, aged between 3 - 9 years. All sessions take place at the home or school setting.

Each programme comprises 3 individual assessments and 48 PRT sessions over a 5 month period. The initial assessment session will measure the child's base level of developmental progress, and allows our clinicians to gain a better understanding of your child. Through our initial assessment, we can determine if our PRT programme is suitable for your child. Thereafter, the bespoke PRT programme will commence, comprising regular 3 x 1½ hour long sessions per week over the course of 16 weeks. Objectives for the child's development will be formulated in the first 2 weeks.

Your child's progress will be evaluated through a number of clinical assessments at regular intervals, with reports produced showing developmental progress. Upon completion of the programme, we also offer a continuing after-care service comprising both 1:1 and group sessions, which are less intense and designed to build further developmental objectives for your child.

Introductory PRT service

Want to try PRT first? To evaluate if your child can benefit from our PRT programme, we offer an introductory PRT service comprising of developmental assessments, report write-up and introductory PRT session. This can take place with you and your child at your home, at a time that is convenient to you. Please contact us on 020 3389 8596 or email to arrange an appointment.

Fees, payment options and programme start date will be discussed at point of enquiry.

Follow up

Following our PRT programme, you can take part in our follow-up PRT aftercare programme. We currently have two options:

PRT 1:1 Follow-up
PRT group Follow-up

For bookings and enquiries, Call 020 3389 8596, Email or Message us via Enquiry Form