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Your Child Deserves The Best

We provide Therapeutic Care services to facilitate independence for people on the Autism Spectrum.

Why GoCarer

For Parents By Parents

We understand the huge difficulties in getting timely and effective support for anyone on the Autism Spectrum.

That's why we started GoCarer. We are a team of autism experts, therapists and carers dedicated to creating the best possible outcomes for individuals and their families. As a specialised service provider, our team combines multiple disciplines through early intervention to develop areas specific to your needs.

Our Principles


Our multidisciplinary team brings passion and experience to manage even the most complex needs.


Create personalised Action Plans with our in-house therapists, that are tailored to your family's preferences.


Our user-friendly website allows you to manage your services and communicate with us at any time.

How it works


Book online or by phone

Choose from our list of services and register a free GoCarer account. You can do the same by phone too.


Arrange a Free Screening Consultation

Choose the right time and place that works for you. Our specialists will meet you to better understand you and your child's needs and provide recommendations for their development.


Create a detailed Action Plan

Book an Evaluation Session with the appropriate therapist and carer from our team. Our therapist creates an Action Plan with you that is personalised towards your individual needs and preferences.


Produce positive outcomes

Book Therapeutic Care Sessions for our therapists and carers to implement your Action Plan. During each session we work on the areas identified in the Evaluation Session. We work closely with you and your family to constantly evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your Action Plan.


Free Consultation

Schedule a Free Consultation with our specialists, to identify and better understand you and your child's developmental stage.

Multi-disciplinary Team

We have a team of Autism experts from multiple domains, who can provide holistic solutions to a wide range of needs.

Stay Connected

You can message us at anytime to discuss and tailor your Action Plan - meaning that you can always stay connected to the team dedicated to your child's development.

Monitor Progress

You can access our services online to keep track of your child's achievements during our sessions and feedback on our services at anytime.

Get In Touch

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