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We provide Therapeutic Care services to facilitate independence for people on the Autism Spectrum.

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Our Principles


Our multidisciplinary team brings passion and experience to manage even the most complex needs.


Create personalised Action Plans with our in-house therapists, that are tailored to your family's preferences.


Our user-friendly website allows you to manage your services and communicate with us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to register for a free GoCarer account using a Google Mail to get started. As long as you have a Google Mail account, you can sign into your GoCarer account. Once you are signed in, you can book a Screening Consultation by providing the time, date and address that works best for you. Our Screening Consultation is free for families living in Plymouth.

You can click below button and follow the instructions to make a booking.

Book a Screening Consultation

Our Screening Consultation usually takes about 60-90 minutes. The purpose of this Screening Consultation is two fold: Most importantly it allows us to assess whether the types of services we have to offer are indeed appropriate for your child's needs. Secondly, it allows a therapist to answer your questions in depth regarding the details of assessment and intervention.

The intake does take time, however at GoCarer we believe that a child's diagnosis or reason for referral is merely the starting point. Our assessments and Action Plan is unique to each child and is based upon each child's strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes, individual needs, and the needs of their family.

If you've had an initial screening, our team might have identified some additional support GoCarer can offer you. The next step would be to book an evaluation session or therapy assessment depending on how many existing reports your child has.

If you decide after the initial screening that GoCarer services aren't for you at this stage, you can still benefit from the advice and screening report produced by our specialists. We do appreciate your honest feedback so we can continuously review and improve our services.

Screening Consultation

Our Screening Consultation is free if you live in Plymouth and are based in a PL postcode. Our Consultation is £120 if you live outside of Plymouth, but we're happy to conduct the Screening in our office at Plymouth Science Park for free if you are able to travel to this location.

Following our Screening Consultation, we recommend a pathway that may include the following services:

Evaluation Session (£35)

1 hour session for our multi-disciplinary team to observe and offer an initial evaluation of your child's development. Following the Evaluation Session, an Action Plan is produced that will detail the specific interventions and actions we will take to support your family.

Therapeutic Care Session (£35)

1 hour session for our multi-disciplinary team to implement your Action Plan. During each session we work on the developmental areas identified in most recent Evaluation Session. We continuously re-evaluate our strategy and approach through feedback across our sequence of Therapeutic Care sessions.

Therapy Assessment (£250)

An optional service that is very useful if your child does not have any existing assessment reports. Our Therapist team uses a range of standardised assessments and tools such as the COPM, SPM and CELF to identify any cognitive, sensory, motor, speech and other difficulties. We will also collaborate with your child's school to produce a report relevant to their education setting. Following the Therapy Assessment, we produce a comprehensive report on your child's development.

For more information, go to


After you have completed a booking, our website will show a “Pay online now” button. Simply click this button to follow through and complete the payment. We separate the booking and payment options so that you can book in advance to reserve the time slot and pay at a later date.

You're only required to complete the payment by 48 hours before the appointment takes place, this gives you total control of your booking and payment options.

You can pay at a later date on our website by going to either Booking page, or click to view your existing bookings at My Bookings under My Account page. There's a button to pay via card payment when you click to view your booking details. If you have any problems, please contact us on info@gocarer.com

Yes! Please call us on 01752 875 668 during Monday - Friday from 8.30am - 6.30pm and we can complete any booking requests on your behalf.

We don't enforce any contracts, you're in complete control of the services you've chosen with us. We want to make sure that our services are easily accessible to everyone, without getting bogged down in a long, expensive contract in case circumstances change.

You can re-schedule or cancel any of our sessions up to 48 hours before any booked session by simply sending an us a message via Contact Us form or email to info@gocarer.com or by managing your booking through our website under My Account section.

This varies from person to person, so it's hard to put a definitive number on it. Our team will discuss this with you during an Evaluation Session, and a suggested number will be placed in the Action Plan.

We currently work with all individuals who are diagnosed with autism, or who are showing any sign of autistic traits under the age of 25. A formal diagnosis is not required to access our services.

Not yet, but we are actively involved in discussions with insurance providers. Please contact us at info@gocarer.com to discuss this option with us.

You can click below button and read our up-to-date Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at any time:

Terms of Service

You can always contact us by sending us a message via our Contact Us form; call us on 01752 875 668 during Monday - Friday from 8.30am - 6.30pm; or send us an email at info@gocarer.

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What People Say

"For the first time since starting our autism journey I feel supported. Amazing team of people, I am so pleased to have found them."

- Lauren -

"As a member of staff I found it really interesting how you got young people to take part and how you managed to settle young people in and how you reacted to individual needs!"

- Sonia -

"All was good. Young people did work they normally would not take part in."

- Dianne -

"My child really enjoys coming to the workshops, GoCarer provides a wide range of good activities that capture interests for all the children. The workshops have been really beneficial to my child as it’s given them the opportunity to build confidence interacting with unfamiliar adults and develop social skills to help them work with other children of different ages. These workshops have also helped my child to feel much more relaxed after finishing school, and they’re much happier."

- Parent 1 -

"My son has a fantastic time at the workshops, and really enjoys the craft activities available to him. These workshops allow him to really show his creative side, and gives him the chance to work with different people in a different environment to the classroom, and this has helped him to feel a lot more comfortable at school. Every week he’s really looking forward to coming to the workshop and it’s had a noticeable benefit to his mood when he comes home after the workshops."

- Parent 2 -

"We really enjoy coming to the workshops each week. The staff are very approachable and very friendly. They provide lots of arts and crafts as well as sensory play. My child really enjoys taking part and loves coming to the workshops after school."

- Parent 3 -

"My child loves your sessions so much. The space to be free to create and explore their ideas is so wonderful. A session for all children!"

- Parent 4 -

"We love these sessions! It's the first time my son has asked if 'his thing' is on, and the first time ever he's been interested in coming along to something. He interacts so well with the children in the group, and it's really helped him socialise."

- Parent 5 -

"Amber was great with the children. She understood the children’s needs and the children enjoy and felt comfortable and confident with her. Sensory activities were enjoyed by the children."

- Parent 6 -

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