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We provide therapy and care, facilitating children and young people on the autism spectrum to live independently.

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We provide therapy and care, facilitating children and young people on the autism spectrum to live independently.

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Why GoCarer?

We started GoCarer because we understand the huge difficulties involved in getting all the support to secure your child's future independence.

We combine multi-disciplinary and professionally trained therapists together with social care, to create a dedicated service that facilitates, assists and supports children and young people on the autism spectrum and their families. Through practising therapeutic intervention, our team can help your family plan and implement the best therapeutic care service.

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Our multidisciplinary team brings passion and experience to manage even the most complex needs.

Create personalised Action Plans with our in-house therapists, that are tailored to your family's preferences.

Our user-friendly website allows you to manage your services and communicate with us at any time.


Our chartered therapists work closely together alongside family members, schools and GPs to plan tailored outcomes and provide screening, assessments, counselling and post-diagnosis support. The same therapists lead our qualified and motivated carers to deliver set objectives across a series of sessions. Our sessions can take place at home, school and other appropriate social environments.


Schedule a free 90 minute consultation with our specialist, to identify and better undestand your child's developmental stage.


We understand that every child is different. Schedule an Observation Assessment for our therapists to create a personalised Action Plan, targeting your family's needs.


Schedule care and therapy visits to implement your Action Plan, and see how your child progresses with each session. You can pay as you go without being fixed to any long-term contracts.


Our user-friendly website allows you to book, manage and communicate with your carers at any time. You can also monitor your carer's activities and provide two-way feedback to ensure a high quality service for your child.
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